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Carnival & Fair News
Carnival & Fair News
Wade Shows Veteran Raymond "Chico" Passes
Thursday, December 27, 2018
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Last week Raymond ”Chico” Chavez passed away in Spring Hill, Fl. His death was sudden leaving behind a son, daughter, six grandkids, and one great-grandchild. Chico didn’t own a carnival, ride, food or game stand. He wasn’t even a high ranking carnival official. He was a regular guy that worked on the Wade Shows most of his life. What he was, however, was one of the tens of thousand ordinary carnival workers who always accomplished extra ordinary things. Without Chico the Wade Shows wouldn’t be what it is today. I know that I certainly would not be who I am. He and I first met at the Illinois State Fair around 1968, he working for big hearted Leroy (Charlie Norwood) and I working in my Parents' competing Crazy Ball. Our games we’re right next to one another. The harder I worked, the harder he worked and so it went. There was something about carnival kids back then that made us all want to be the best - everybody and everything around us benefitted. In his last year’s Chico managed a popcorn wagon for Jimmy Danton and Benna Sandloffer. My youngest daughter Marina worked that same popcorn wagon along with Ashley Danton Weaver. Most times I would go by and Chico would say “Frank, try some of my Carmel Corn.  You know I make it better than anyone.” Whether he did or didn’t was irrelevant - the idea was the same as when we were battling against one another trying to be the best Crazy Ball operator. In my book Chico and all of the Chico’s of our business will always be the best. Thank you, Chico, for enriching all of our lives.

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