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Amusement Park News
Amusement Park News
Dynamic Attractions Offers New Thrills with 2019 Dual Power Coaster
Company announced alliance with Chance Rides
Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Ride manufacturer Dynamic Attractions is offering some new thrills in 2019 with their Dual Power Roller Coaster. Capable of spin outs and racing moves, the new coaster was shown for the first time at this year’s IAAPA. 


The company’s innovative technology has shaped a ride that is entirely unique, with four degrees of freedom – 4-DOF. This refers to different motion platforms that allow each vehicle on the ride to pitch forward, change heading, roll side-to-side, and heave up and down, all while moving along the roller coaster track.

Hao Wang, the company’s president, calls the ride the world’s most advanced. “Most coasters are all about the track. That is only half of the excitement in this ride, where the cart itself is powered and moves.”


The result: racing sensations never-before possible to experience on a roller coaster. Riders will experience a highly realistic simulation of drifting, air time, and 360 degree spin outs, according to Wang, along with a variety of other racing simulations that have never been achieved on a coaster.


Along with the 4-DOF motion platform, the ride also features dual propulsion. This allows a combination of on-board drive and an off-board linear synchronous motor drive designed to boost the intensity of the ride experience for guests. Wang describes this sensation being as if the guest were “racing on a track and then suddenly ‘powering-up’ to boost your speed.” 


The Dual Power Coaster is scheduled to open in Malaysia in Spring 2019, but theme parks world-wide are eager to experience a new centerpiece attraction. “It draws guests,” Wang asserts. He describes the coaster as providing a “dramatically new sensory experience. It will be a game-changer for creative teams, park owners and guests.” 


This isn’t the first time that Dynamic Attractions’ new products have pushed the envelope in terms of innovation. The company has been recognized repeatedly by IAAPA as having the Best New Product Concept. In the past three years, the organization’s Brass Ring has been awarded to three different rides from Dynamic, for their All-Terrain Dark Ride in 2017, their Motion Theater in 2016, and in 2015, their SFX Coaster.


The company has designed and built over 50 of the most popular theme park rides in the world, and also creates premium customized ride systems, and parts and service for a wide range of rides. According to company spokesman John Kageorge, the company has operations located in Vancouver, Orlando, Dallas, Toronto and Shanghai. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Empire Industries Ltd. 


The company began as Vancouver Art Metal in 1926, focusing on the steel fabrication of commercial buildings and other structures; branching out to build scenic bridges in western Canada. In the 1970s, the company won the first of many contracts in the astronomy field, including designing and building the dome enclosure for the Canada France Hawaii Telescope on top of a remote volcano in Hawaii. The company’s skilled niche working on international telescope projects led to their work in the amusement industry. Dynamic’s theme park focus came about when some of their engineers went into theme park development, which also required precise fabrication and engineering to support new attractions.


This month, Dynamic Attractions’ first Robotic Arm Dark Ride will open, providing unmatched ride system movement. The Batman: Knight Flight ride debuts at Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi, according to insider sources.


Their first SFX Coaster will open in early 2019 as well. The coaster will be called “Mission Ferrari,” and is set to open at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The ride will combine its thrilling drop tracks and inversions with story-telling elements. Riders will be launched through multiple themed sections while immersed inside media domes, sliding in a range of new directions. Experiences will include exhilarating racing down city streets and left to teeter precariously on the edge of a crumbling bridge for the ultimate in thrill experiences. Dynamic spokesmen have described it as a combination of “James Bond and Dominic Toretto.”


First introduced at the Asian Attractions Expo in Beijing, the SFX Coaster™ took years to develop, utilizing the skills of a team that included structural engineers, film makers and technicians.  It’s a dark ride with a narrative theme that incorporates a high-speed, catapult launch coaster, and new coaster movement elements synchronized with high definition immersive sound and visuals. That ride features a Gyro Table™ that allows the vehicle and the section of track below it to rotate 360° at the same time that it rocks up and down. A Side-Slide™ lets the vehicle drop in a position that is perpendicular to the direction of travel; it also falls and lifts up with the company’s Track Drop™ technology, and it tilts up and down in a see-saw type motion with Dynamic’s Tilt & Drop™ capability. Combining the dark ride and the roller coaster experience through this ride is another first-of-a-kind ride category.


Dynamic Attractions also recently announced an alliance with ride manufacturer Chance Rides, a win/win for both companies. Dynamic Attractions’ strengths in engineering and cutting-edge innovation is nicely paired with Chance Rides complete in-house manufacturing capabilities. Faster build times while maintaining high standards and stellar quality are key results from the alliance. Chance Rides has manufactured more than 5,000 amusement rides over a productive 57 years in business. Rides such as carousels, giant observations wheels, and even the renowned C.P. Huntington Train, were created by the company.


According to Dick Chance, the CEO of Chance Rides, “Dynamic Attractions continues to raise the bar for innovation…and constantly wins innovation awards for a good reason…” 

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